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Welcome to the online poker section of UK. In this section you will find the best online poker rooms available world wide. We have a lot of poker reviews about the different poker rooms available on the internet. These reviews are independent and we have tried every poker room ourselves.
online poker
Poker has been a very popular card game for many years. There are a lot of different variations of poker playable on the internet. The most popular version is Texas Hold’em No Limit. The basics of this game that the player gets two hole cards, which the other players can’t see. After a round of betting or folding the flop (first three cards) will appear on the board. After this there is another round of betting. The bets can be as high as the player’s own stack. That’s why it is called No Limit Hold’em. After the betting round is over the fourth card will be placed on the board. This is called the Turn. After this there is another round of clockwise betting. And then the last card will be placed on the board, which is called the River. The remaining players on the table have to make the best hand out of the total 7 cards. Combinations can be made from the 5 cards on the board, along with the 2 cards in the player’s hand. The best 5-card combination wins in the end.

In 2003 poker became very popular when Chris Moneymaker turned a satellite ticket into a victory at the WSOP (World Series of Poker) main event. With this victory he earned about 4 million dollars, while the satellite only cost him 40 dollars.

After this win, poker online exploded on the internet, with a lot of new poker rooms mushrooming. There is a lot of competition between the various online poker rooms, which leads to better services and better quality games. In the reviews on this page we will discuss the poker rooms from the online network iPoker. The iPoker network includes rooms like Titan poker, Poker Ocean and Tony G. Although these rooms are part of the same network, there is a lot of difference between the rooms. So for each player there is a suitable poker room.

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